Boruto Episode 6:RESPECT SHINO!

The episode was bugtastic!It made up for all the dissing of Shino,and the soundtracks were gorgeous!


Ok,if you have been watching Boruto:Next Generations Naruto,or if have been watching since Naruto,then you may know Shino is an emo like Sasuke but he is not really given any attention and it seems that Naruto has actually forgotten his name once~!


In the Boruto anime he is a teacher,he is chunin,but like his classmates he is on jonin-level(quite like hero academia , they survived the greatest ninja war so the Konoha 11 generation are pretty strong by default).which is addressed by Shikamaru,whose word is not to be taken lightly.


Although the episode’s fight scenes were amazing but the episode was very sluggish,see what I did there?(Bug Jokes)…

It was the like the entire episode was just forest scenery and fighting bugs.



In this episode we see actually Shino’s amazing intellect and abilities.


Shikadai is also very smart,I mean his intelligence is shown in this episode once again.Boruto’s intelligence is also shown,as we see that he was thinking about how water affects insects.

boruto bugs.JPGwater.JPG

It is also seen than Shikadai is very suspicious and does not trust Mitsuki and thinks he sees through Mitsuki’s act.But in my theory Mitsuki just wants to have friends , like be more human which is why he is analysing people,quite like Sai.reference to end of episode.

The actual fight was very cool,with Shino showing off his battle experience to see through their plans,but the mysterious transfer student whose abilities are unknown gets him,and then they shock him (metaphorically and literally)with lightning style,and he gets possessed.


And they say possessed and which seems that there might be something from the spirit world and  spiritual about that and Boruto’s eyes.


After this we see the real Shino who was pretty damn amazing with the bugs ,though the episode was funny , it has a slight undertone that the hero of the series could really die,

and I want to say mostly that this is like a sort of the stuff or content the anime will have, ,you see in this case Boruto could die and Naruto can’t save him,more situations like this will happen.

The ending of the episode hit me in the feels,Shino will be respected by the ones he called,Troublemakers,Lazy and disruptive will respect him more than anyone.This is sort of the way I said in my other blog(Naruto Boruto Characters..) that Shino will be like a Iruka-character


At the ending we see life of Shino isn’t bad


But the danger got serious and the feds are now going to get involved,and the only person who can see the possessions is Boruto,his time to   shine might come now.


Next Episode:Potatoes and love with Chocho

Next episode might be very girly and chocho-centric


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The Strongest Non-Incarnation Uchihas.

Yes,this list is weakest to strongest,or should I say less stronger to more stronger.

The most strongest Uchiha of all time are well,incarnates(Obviously as they has stronger chakra from birth itself.)


Lets take a look at the strongest normal or non-incarnated Uchiha Ninjas.I will be explaining the reason they have the positions on this list

we have,

5.Izuna Uchiha.


Explanation: A Uchiha that was born in the warring states period,which means they were stronger than the normal Uchiha born recently.He was as strong as to go toe to toe with a younger Senju Tobirama,also he was rumored to be a powerful fire style user.

4.Fugaku Uchiha


Explanation:He was a captain or head of clan,which is given not only to a powerful shinobi but also to a smart and intelligent ninja.He possessed the Mangekyō Sharingan,which allowed him to control the nine-tails.He also was said to be one of the candidates chosen to be the 4th hokage,meaning nearing the levels of Minato and Hiruzen (High balling though,).

3.Shisui Uchiha


Explanation:Possessed the Mangekyō Sharingan through sheer hard work and also famous for being a teleportation and genjutsu master.He was far more skilled than Itachi Uchiha at the time of his death.He was said to be the strongest Uchiha of his time.He was also smart enough to not let any remaining material of him to remain,so he would not be reanimated.(I’m guessing ,  I don’t know).

2.Itachi Uchiha.


Explanation:Although he should have been 1st,he was a shinobi that did not show us his full potential.He was able to wipe out almost half the Uchiha clan,release an unbreakable jutsu which was not able to be broken by both Tobirama and Hashirama together (reanimation jutsu,seen in Hiruzen’s death fight),and also the people’s choice.But due to having low chakra reserves he is second to only one other Uchiha.

Were you expecting this?………..Obito


1.Uchiha Obito.


Explanation:He only defeats Itachi not in skill,but in feats lets see them:-

He defeated 10-12 Lightning Anbu at age 12

defeated the yellow flash(responsible for his death) .Controlled the nine-tails,(a feat by Fugaku with his Mangekyō ),and survived fighting one of the strongest Kage of all time,all this by the age of 15 only.

-Became the 10 tails Jinchuriki and killed Konan also.

-One of the if not the only reason the 4th Shinobi war took place.

-He also manipulated the 3rd Mizukage.and many more……….

And these are only the things we know,he has experience with stuff we don’t know yet.


So, These are what I think were the strongest Uchiha except incarnates.

Let me know about them and stuff share and ccomemment.

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Hey, I’m in no way a topper,though i come from a family of overachievers , Dad was topper ,cousins were toppers.I even had a hard time passing!

But I learned something that they never knew,that education is doing more damage to children than helping them. 

OK! I’m in no way saying don’t study for going into IITs,and AIMS but ,please don’t discourage people who don’t want to do it.

                        “No job is too small or too big,,

Oh! but you will say ‘ what will the people say’ ,well many people have talked about this but really don’t be afraid of humans after all if we look throughout the animal kingdom , they rarely attack their own species,having_fun_2-wallpaper-3840x2400Placeholder Image1461094_666843726700590_2017431958_ndon’t be afraid, people can’t do much to you.

I heard a line where a famous man said , “It is proven ,what people say has absolutely no effect on your life and achievement


 “If marks define intelligence, then  does money define character?,,


Though, I must say marks do help and so do studies , they have caused many movements ,wars,and the greatest inventions.But those people didn’t do it for money or respect.

they did it because they loved it!

So do medical , do engineering,do biomedical engineering! do anything!..

In the new world anyone can be anything for eg.

Blogger, Freestyle Footballer,Professional Rubik’s cube solver.

And if you don’t want that , do something for time being till you get your breakthrough

Countless examples: Dhirubahi Ambani,PewDiePie,nigahiga,Narendra Modi and Micheal Dell

Don’t worry about failure and expect success

Just Be Human and Happy, and maybe your name might be here too !




‘Be Positive’

Boruto Ep.5 is not so mysterious…. :(

The episode, though nicely done lacked the mystery it was trying hard to put in…

The mysterious transfer student Mitsuki enters the academy as a transfer student of the sound.

The episode starts off with another failure of the academy like Iwabe,which shows us that there will be lots of unrest in the world due to the changed society.This failure is also a person with the mysterious purple chakra,and Boruto seems to have a little more control over it as it seems he ‘checks’ which person has  the chakra and who doesn’t


In this we are introduced to Mitsuki as a very strong person/student.There seems to be a sort of manipulation early on the episode as to Mitsuki wants Boruto to trust him,and befriend him,which was pretty weird even to Boruto.


Speaking of Boruto ,he is a smart person as shown he devised a new way of solving problems given by the teacher,though he is not that skilled yet,it shows a pathway for enhanced intelligence in him.(if trained.)


He seems to be brash like Naruto and which caused Shino to try to own him,

but  Mitsuki came to his rescue and awkwardly saved him,as to Me, this was seen as another way to make Boruto trust him(though he seemed more weirded out).

We see Kurenai in this she looks old 😦

Shino is sort of ignored and was ignored for the past episodes( Not to mention Naruto).This episode actually focuses on him as well to see that , that behaviour is causing a toll on him, making him feel less worthy ,which by the end of the episode we see him resigning from the academy.


Mitsuki on the other hand knows about the Purple chakra seen by Boruto which adds to the mystery.Also shikadai found out or thinks that Boruto senses something about people who go crazy like that which is highlighted in the episode.Sarada is actually starting to decrease in likability, Till , before  Boruto series part of the year I liked her, but now she is just a person that pops up from time to time and so she’s not a main character right now though she was in the movie.


Weirdly enough, the anime focuses on Boruto,Iwabe and Shikadai as a main trio with Denki maybe there in the group too.

Spoiler!though as I said about the toll on Shino ,this hurts him and he feels just like Denki and Metal Lee felt,and the chakra took over him,at this time we seen



it looks like a lion,or dragon,or beast gorilla too.Aside from that, this episode showed 3! people having the purple chakra , which is saying the possessions are increasing .

Though I did like the episode, it showed a miserable attempt at trying to be a mysterious thing , because of the slight light colors and happy things,which does not look good for the future  of the series.


This could have been the episode to start putting in the dark atmosphere of the approaching or coming danger,at least just to show a tease(as this is still young academy Boruto) to the Boruto movie attack of Momoshiki. That made me sad.


Anyway ‘nice’ episode.and still no sasuke or adult characters.

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Highest 10 Earning Movies of 2016..

Everything entertaining?That includes movies too….

Lets check out the movies that made the most money last year!

10.Doctor Strange:$230,107,790.

Obviously,this was gonna be there,amazing story,best effects and Benedict Cumberbatch!

It earning around $230,107,790 while selling 26,602,056 tickets.The movie was released in November near the ending of the year.


9.Suicide Squad:$325,100,054

It was an amazing movie with very delved into character pasts and agendas ,though the movie seemed dragged and long , that did not stop it from earning-$325,100,054,selling over,584,765 tickets.


8.Batman V Superman:Dawn of Justice:$330,360,194.

The movie was a very dark action-packed movie which made DC fans go OMG! ^v^ ^v^..

The movie earined=$330,360,194 , by selling around,38,191,929 tickets.



The story of the first bunny cop tryin’ everything!Also is part of an American conspiracy,  Well nevermind that it earned,$341,268,248 when it sold approximately 39,452,976 tickets.



Though not the highest earning movie of 2016.It is the highest earning 18+ Movie of all time,which is huge in itself.If you were wondering,It made $363,070,709.

Doesn’t it feel like he’s gonna say something out from the blog?

5.The Jungle Book:$364,001,123

The real live action version of the animated movie and the book has really cool graphics and surprisingly only one actor:Neel Sethi.It made,$364,001,123 which is not much higher than Deadpool.

Those Graphics!!!

4.The Secret Life of Pets:$368,384,330

Not really much to say really.Earned about, $368,384,330 by selling around 42,587,783 tickets.


3.Captain America:Civil War:-$408,084,349

Very well-directed movie.Hailed to be the greatest comic book movie of all time earning at least,$408,084,349 and was released in summer (BEST TIME!!)

cap aermira.JPG

2.Rogue One: A Star Wars Story:-$424,987,707.

Runner up, a tip of the ol’ beanie to star wars franchise for still going strong today.Its earnings are as high as,$424,987,707.


1.Findig Dory:$486,295,561

Another old classic,the winner of our list is the story of the character Dory from the movie Finding Nemo , by PIXAR.The movie earned $486,295,561, after selling over 52 million tickets.For this honour I give it the biggest picture in the list.


What was your favourite movie of 2016,let me know!,Please like ,comment and share.

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Erased:僕だけがいない街 Review…

An anime on the levels of Hunter x Hunter and Death Note in mystery and thrill.

It was a really good series.

It is getting very popular lately,

It gives off a indie or dark gravity falls type of anime vibe.


The colors and tone of the anime is really really cool.I did like the story though the story never really ends which is something that keeps you hooked on as well as hooked off the story which , they could have done better.The soundtrack was very well done and if i would compare , i would compare them to bleach and death note and maybe face of evil too.

The anime is pretty much a really good watch, you guys should check it out.

I know this is pretty short, but this is a review,so i am not giving any synopsis except for:



Erased follows the Story of Satoru Fujinuma who is a 29-year-old aspiring manga artist with the ability to travel backwards in time to prevent terrible things from happening. After the murder of a loved on he is launched back further in time than he has ever gone to prevent the tragedy from taking place. Satoru must join forces with friends new and old to ensure a peaceful future for himself and those he cares about.I  do hope we see the girl he save grown up( for the feels).

And I seriously loved the snowy , dark tone anime message ,it was giving ,like ‘ this is not a cutesy romance anime-this is true murder and massacre and child-abuse,

Though it looks childish,i would say this is an adult anime, not by violence but the topics will be understood only by older than 15 or people who have gone through kindergarten a long time ago (ME!=;)

By the way,if I was given a chance to make it into a live movie i would make it absolutely amazing tell me how it in the comments and likes.

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I loved watching , and a good way to refresh childhood memories.